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Excellence in education at an attainable price

Part of the appeal of the University-Model® is its affordability and attainability when it comes to pricing. Because of our ability to be efficient with our time and yours, the price is much more affordable than traditional private education. 

Note: We may offer scholarships to fit certain financial needs. Inquire by email or phone for more information on scholarships. 


*Additional fees such as uniforms, application, enrollment, books, and enrichment opportunities may apply.

Annual tuition*


Annual tuition*



Application fee* (due with your application submission)

Early Application prior to May 8 - $100 per student

Regular Application prior to June 30 - $125 per student

Late Application June 30-August 22 - $150 per student

Registration fee* (due upon acceptance and enrollment)

$275 per new student

Sibling, early pay, and MCA teacher discounts are available. 

*Please note that all application and registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferable 


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