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Celina’s Only University-Model® School

Partnering with parents to educate and disciple children who transform our world.

We want to partner with you to provide an excellent Christ-centered, college-preparatory education at an affordable price point.

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Parenting can be tough

Parenting can be tough

In today’s world, it can be hard to find a school you can trust.

With current cultural trends, parenting children is hard enough. On top of that, finding a school you can trust to impart your values and create an excellent learning environment, at a price your family can afford, can feel nearly impossible. The pressure of making the right decisions for your child’s education can be intense and can leave you feeling helpless. 


But it’s not impossible, and you’re not alone.


We’re here to help you by creating an excellent learning environment for your child that aligns with your values and is priced affordably.

Finding the right fit can be tough

Have other school models left you wanting more?

Home school 

  • Can be isolating for students and parents alike   

  • Can be lacking accessible resources and extracurricular activities

  • Demands more time, organization and skill than most parents have access to

Private school

  • Can have extremely high costs that make it hard to have one kid enrolled, especially 2 or more

  • Can be hard to find a Christian school that assists parents in discipling students in their relationship with Christ

Public school 

  • Even suburban and rural schools are being affected by political and cultural ideologies that are in direct opposition to the Word of God

  • Curriculum can vary widely and is not based on the Word of God

  •  Time with children is limited, giving more influence to peer pressure and other worldly influences

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An excellent Christ-centered learning environment at an affordable price

A truly Christ-centered learning environment

We make it our aim to both educate and disciple our students in their relationship with Christ, helping them learn who they are in Christ and walk in the power of God.


An excellent, certified college-preparatory education

Through embracing the University-Model® and NAUMS membership, we provide college-preparatory education that is practical and equips your child for success in whatever future they choose to pursue.

A price point you can afford

Lower cost, not lower quality - we cost less because we are efficient with our time and with yours. We meet at the school 2-3 times per week and children are at home for school 2-3 times per week. Efficiency of time drives our overhead costs down and gives you the ability to design your weeks in a way that works best for you and your family.


Celina’s Only University-Model® School

Hi! We’re Movement Christian Academy.

We’ve felt the challenges of navigating a crazy culture while trying to raise Godly children. We also know that the pressure of finding the right school can feel overwhelming. But, we’re here to help you and your child by providing excellence in education and discipleship to Christ in an attainable format. 

We are a University-Model® school, recognized by NAUMS,  that strives to bring the best in education and discipleship to parents who are tired of the old way of doing things.

We believe that parents are specifically anointed by God to raise and disciple their children, and no one can take their place.

Children in Classroom

A NAUMS University-Model® School

What is the “University-Model®” of schooling?

The University-Model® school structure is an accredited school format that joins the very best of private and home-school models while leaving the high prices and demanding schedules behind. 


The University-Model® is a five-day academic program in which students spend 2-3 days in the “central classroom” and 2-3 days in their “satellite classroom” at home. Both classrooms are under the instruction  of their teacher, not the parent. Parents act as co-teachers in the satellite classroom, supervising and assisting in implementation of concepts learned in the central classroom.

We have found this model advantageous because it allows for a flexible, yet structured, educational environment that doesn’t solely rely on the parent. 

Learn more about NAUMS and the University-Model® here.




2 days at school, 3 days at home

At MCA, children attend the central classroom (at the school) two days per week and are schooled at home three days per week. But, don’t worry, even the home days have content and structure that are 100% provided by the teachers, so parents are more like co-instructors, not the sole educators.

Benefits of the University-Model®

We believe that parents are specifically anointed by God to raise and disciple their children, and no one can take their place. Below are a few ways the University-Model® helps parents fulfill their God-given role, without the pressures of doing it alone.

Strengthens the family

The University-Model® reaffirms the value of parents in the lives of their children by requiring direct involvement in their education. Parents find they have many teachable one-on-one moments, resulting in a strong relationship between parents and their children.

Develops college-ready students

The university-style schedule eliminates the adjustment to a college schedule, as well as enables children to develop study skills and organizational skills, which have been shown through research to be highly correlated with good grades in college.

Creates a strong environment for Christian character development

The emphasis on character development and family ministry in the University-Model® results in a strong discipleship approach; thus ,students are much more likely to enter college as Christian students who will not fall away from their faith.

Attainable pricing

University-Model® schools cost one-half to two-thirds less than typical private Christian schools. 

Community of like-minded believers with similar goals for the children

The University-Model® creates a Christ-centered space, where parents and children alike feel a strong sense of connection to community.

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Let’s build Kingdom leaders who change our world. Are you in?

If you are looking for a partner who will support you in the discipleship of your child, while providing an excellent, Christ-centered learning environment, we would love to connect with you. Call us today to talk with one of our staff about getting started.

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